Order Custom Stone & Iron Work

Order Custom Stone and Iron Work

How To Order


Together we will review your vision: via house plans, drawings, a sketch or photo. This may come from your architect, interior designer or from you directly. Don’t know what you really want? We have a huge library of photos, drawings and architectural volumes to help you, as well as our own experience and creativity to collaborate on that perfect vision you want to create.


Next we will measure the area(s) of your home to ensure the right size/proportion and fit. If you are out of state, we will help you or your contractor provide us the correct measurements.


Next, Visionmakers will create precise CAD drawings of your order to be fabricated. You and/or your builder/designer will have the opportunity to review these in detail and make any final changes. This means you will be able to see and approve your designs without guesswork.


Visionmakers craftsmen will take your CAD design and produce it with precision and artistic flair. Continuous inspections occur throughout the process to ensure that your dream is being created.


Many products are made internationally, so lead times and transportion steps are next. Visionmakers will carefully ship and track your order until it arrives in our, or your hands.


If you are out of state or purchasing your own installation, Visionmakers will ensure you have the documents and technical support for a successful installation, no matter your location. If Visionmakers provide the install, our trained technicians and job superintendent will adeptly set the new masterpiece.


All Visionmakers products and services are warrantied to fulfill our commitment to you. Our reputation and name are iconic in the industry, and known to represent the highest grades of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Our perfect BBB and ROC records, along with a long list of endorsements from the industry’s best architects, designers and homebuilders are a testament to our dedication to serving you.


Contact us today, and let’s create your next vision!

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