Why Choose Visionmakers Stone Products


Why Choose Visionmakers Stone Products?

Our Blocks of Stone are Better

  • Visionmakers buys our stone directly from the quarry, while others go mostly through middlemen. We have personal relationships with each quarry, which means we get the best quality blocks of stone, special block sizes, and priority fulfillment. This is invaluable in the quarry’s world of seasonal backlogs, weather setbacks and work stoppages. This also allows us to get blocks with better color and texture tolerances.

Our Cut and Carved Products are Better

  • Visionmakers has its OWN full time personnel at ORIGIN that inspects every order BEFORE IT SHIPS. We review each item against the approved AutoCAD design, dimensions and quantity, and then inspect the packaging. While other suppliers blindly order and wait to see what shows up at your jobsite, our processes prevent and control sub-standard quality, missed pieces and errors from ever happening.
  • Most of our stone suppliers have been with us for years, and all are trained on the Visionmakers Standard of Excellence. Our suppliers are award winning artisans and even sculptors, and ensure your stone is well shaped and finished down to the last detail. Most suppliers are the lower-end “architectural cutters” used by other suppliers, but they do not qualify for the Visionmakers standard.

Our Customer Service is Better

  • Ask any of our loyal homebuilders, designers and homeowners that have tried other sources. They will all attest that Visionmakers is the most disciplined, professional, and easy to work with Company in the market. We make your experience smooth and enjoyable, because we LOVE what we do.
  • Visionmakers does not administrate from the dashboard of a truck. We have experienced people in office and at the jobsite, a team that mother hens your project from start to finish. When you call us, we call back promptly. Our business processes and procedures mean we know where your project is, when it will be finished, and keep you informed along the way.
  • Our weekly production and installation meetings ensures an efficient use of time and resources, and give everyone visibility to all our projects.
  • Was there a mistake? No matter how or who caused it, Visionmakers can help. Our unmatched volume means shipments are arriving weekly, and an urgent piece or solution is soon at hand. Our local artisans, and over 300 tons of stone in stock provide backup in a pinch.
  • We keep all your specs, drawings and project details indefinitely, which means in the case of a repair or addition, we can match your stone seamlessly.

Our Installation is Better

  • Visionmakers installers have been with us for years. They are trained, supervised and required to meet our stringent standards of quality professional behavior at all times. We are clean, safe and our finished work is unmatched. Many stonemasons know how to install stone veneers and faux stone, but lack the technical, artistic touch to install tight, even joints, artistic carving details, and refined products such as fireplaces and intricate pieces.
  • Visionmakers expertise in stone properties and design engineering ensure the product is optimal for installation appearance and safety and cost.
  • Our extensive experience working with stone means we can touch up, modify, and offer custom antiquing to your stone.
  • So many clients spend a lot of money buying beautiful stone, yet end up with “B” quality results, due to inferior installation quality. We invite you to visit and compare our finished work!

Our Solutions are Better

  • Visionmakers is not a Mexican stone company. We source stone globally, from Mexico to Asia, Europe and the U.S. Yes, we have travelled to almost every quarry and stone operation in Mexico, and our knowledge of Mexican canteras, limestone and travertine is unrivalled. But we source limestone, marbles and travertines from Italy, Spain, France and Egypt, as well as China and Turkey. Not to mention the U.S.A! When starting your project, allow us to team up with your architect, designer and builder to find the right stone, look, and budget you require.

Our Prices are Better

  • Visionmakers volume and efficiency mean that you will enjoy extremely competitive prices, yet get vastly superior results. Our showroom, displays and resources are the best in Arizona, but we are debt-free, and operate with efficient overhead. Using Visionmakers means you will get the best product, at the best total cost. This is why we are the market leader!

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