We live in a time of great convenience . . . making most of our purchases with a single click on our phones, not placing much thought into where the product came from or how it was made. This is what makes our stone products so unique, each of our stone products has a story.  A story that begins in remote areas around the world, making multiple stops along the journey to its new home.

Visionmakers has over 20 years of experience in scouring all types of stone worldwide.  Our close relationships with key quarries and artisans have been an essential component in allowing us to adapt to the current supply chain demand, while our team members at those locations ensure we source the highest quality stone, day in and day out.


Once a stone has been selected for a project, Visionmakers begins shopping quarries for a block of dimension stone to meet the approved specifications. When that diamond in the rough has been located, we tag it and arrange for transportation to the carver whose expertise best aligns with the desired design. Weighing in at several tons each, these massive stone blocks require some serious know-how and machinery to move. Excavators, wheel loaders, and hoist lifters are just a few of the tools required to remove the stone from the quarry and prepare it for the journey to the carver.


When the stone block arrives at the carver’s workshop the artisans begin by breaking down the stone blocks according to the approved CAD plans. Utilizing a variety of tools from chainsaws to chisels, our carvers unleash generations of honed skills onto the stone, creating one-of-kind, perfectly scaled architectural elements.


Once the artisans have completed the carving it’s time to (very carefully) pack, wrap and load these beauties for road trip number two. This time the destination will be our closest warehouse to the project site either Mesa, Scottsdale or Salt Lake City. Depending on where the stone was carved this journey could be over seas or across borders.


When the completed stone shipment arrives at the project site it’s time for the second round of artisans to work their magic. While these final pieces are a fraction of the size of the original stone block they were chiseled from, they are still incredibly heavy. Weighing in at several hundreds of pounds apiece they require the creative use of forklifts, pully systems, and some serious muscle to reassemble and install.

When the final installation is complete . . . it’s time to sit back and enjoy this one-of-kind natural gem. Appreciate the ingrained beauty and variation within the stone, the skilled hands that meticulously carved this solid material and the TLC put into sourcing, transporting and installing it.