Just a few of our standard features are as follows (these can vary per designs):
  • 12/14 gauge steel on door frames and jambs
  • Solid barstock on all forged wrought iron
  • Operable Glass: Hinging your glass panels allows for fresh air, and easy cleaning. Our glass panels can be operable in casement or awning fashion, depending on your design.
  • LOW E Glass: Visionmakers’ default glass used is tempered Solarban70 Low E glass in a 7/8” dual paned insulated unit. This allows for a 0.28 solar UV rating, which is superior than most other steel doors (it is almost TWICE as efficient as cheap Chinese glass)!
  • Weather Stripping: Visionmakers uses high grade QLon weather stripping and commercial grade weather seal to weatherize your door. We do NOT use foam and cheap adhesive stripping.
  • Insulation: All Visionmakers jambs and frames come fully insulated with a high grade polyurethane foam insulation. Many competitors use cheap low density foam, and leave empty gaps throughout the framing.
  • Paint and Finish: Visionmakers uses a 2 layered zinc primer that is baked over the steel to reinforce all welds, and protect the metal against corrosion. It also provides a superior adherence for the paint. Visionmakers uses a high grade automotive paint, applying at least a 3 layer base coat, plus any metallic or faux finish on top. There are many ways to cut corners and costs with your painted finish, so using someone you trust is crucial.
Visionmakers can engineer doors with many unique features, such as:
  • Pivot Hinge Doors
  • Dutch Doors
  • Sliders
  • Casement Windows
  • Digital and Wifi keypad entries
  • Spyholes
  • Speakeasy windows
  • Aftermarket knockers, clavos