Visionmakers Intl has offices in Utah and Arizona, however we’ve shipped our custom steel doors and architectural stone all over the US. In fact, we work frequently with clients we’ve never met or have never stepped foot into our showroom. Using video calls, photos, and email, our team can communicate with you throughout your project to ensure your questions are answered every step of the way.

Getting Started

Most often, an out-of-state client will reach out to us through email or phone looking for preliminary information. Usually we are able to give quotes based on the approximate size and an inspiration photo they found on our website or elsewhere. For new builds, we request a plan set and for remodels, a current site photo. This helps us fully understand your project and give the most accurate quote up front.

The door below is a concept image we received from a couple remodeling their home in Ohio. This was their “dream door” and they wanted to match the door, glass, and color exactly. The one change they made was opting for our black modern hand forged handles, rather than the brass one pictured here:

Once they received their quote based on their size, we shared a few emails back and forth to answer their questions. We emailed close up photos of the samples in our showroom so they could ensure they liked the glass texture and could see more specifically how our doors are built.

Placing the Order

After a few more phone calls, emails, and photos shared, this client was ready to have us get started building their custom vision. We asked for a 50% down payment to continue, which is usually paid by check, as well as a signed copy of the estimate/contract. Custom doors are not a one-size-fits all, so we then work with the customer’s builder or contractor to determine the exact measurements and finer details such as jamb size, swing direction, and anything else that might affect our precise building and engineering of each custom door.

Finalizing the Details

All of these details result in the final CAD drawing for your final approval. This is your door design drawn to scale, where we list every last detail to ensure the client, salesperson, and all the many great people involved in building your custom door are on the same page.

As you can see, there are quite a few details here so please see our other blog post regarding reviewing the CAD, Anatomy of the CAD.

Anything not quite right? No problem, let us know and we can make any revisions you’d like. Once the CAD is deemed perfect, we’ll have you sign in the approval box at the bottom right of your drawing.

Now fabrication begins!

You’ve been very patient and finally….


Our team will take photos of your completed door which your salesperson will send to you. This is where we ask for final payment and provide you with a crating/shipping quote.

Time to Ship!

Visionmakers will obtain a quote from a third party shipper who specializes in constructing a custom wood crate to keep your door snug and safe and then ships it wherever it needs to go. You’ll pay the crater/shipper directly and Visionmakers will take care of the rest! Some of our closer clients in California or Nevada for example, have opted to personally pick up at one of our Arizona warehouses instead.

Here is our Ohio client’s door safe in its custom built box, ready to go:

Once your door arrives to you, our team is here to answer any questions you or your installers might have.

We’d love to help create your vision! Contact us today to get started!