Client agrees to the following payment terms:

  • Client will pay 50% deposit towards order total to commence fabrication of the order. Deposits are non-refundable (any different amount must be agreed by both parties).
  • Once product is ready and available, client agrees to pay all remaining balances minus installation prior to pick up or delivery of products. If client wishes to delay pickup or delivery, the balance is still due. VM will store client order if feasible and reserves the right to assess a storage fee.
  • All orders are custom designed and made to client’s specifications. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable, and orders cannot be cancelled once production begins
  • As per AZ Revised Statute SS44-1201, client will incur a 2% monthly interest fee for all unpaid balances over 15 days.
  • All credit card transactions will incur a 3% transaction fee and are nonrefundable.
  • If paying VM via credit card, client agrees that VM will retain credit card information to process payment of final balance if not paid via other means as of 15 days of invoicing final balance. Credit Card info will be securely stored, and then destroyed after final balance is paid. Client waives right to file claim for reimbursement or refund with their credit card company for any reason.
  • If client is a licensed general contractor or design firm, alternate payment terms may be agreed upon once a copy of valid resale license is received. Sales tax is required if valid AZ tax exemption form is not received by time of deposit
  • Pricing is valid for 30 days

Lead Time

Standard lead-time for doors is 10-12 weeks from CAD drawing approvals. Standard lead-time for stone items is 4-6 weeks. Both door and stone lead-times are subject to demand fluctuations.

Description of Work to be Performed

The Buyer herby hires the Visionmakers to do the following work for the buyer:

  • Preparation of drawings and specifications. Up to two revisions of designs. All revisions after second revision will be charged $75 an hour to Buyer.
  • Furnish materials and fabricate merchandise as per drawings and specifications
  • Delivery of merchandise when specified
  • Installation of merchandise if specified

Service and Installation

  • The Visionmakers reserves the right to subcontract
  • If Rough Opening is not correct per Visionmaker’s specifications at time of scheduled installation a minimum trip charge of $150 will be charged to Buyer
  • Once material is delivered to site Visionmakers is not liable for theft or damage to material
  • Visionmakers is not liable for any damage caused to flooring, furniture, artwork, or other items in home during remodel and installation.  
  • Any service calls after installation has been completed will charged a minimum of $150 to buyer

Stone Variation  

Natural Stone is a beautiful medium, used in many building and architectural applications for millennia. Natural stone’s characteristics should be celebrated, and valued over manmade materials. These inconsistencies are to be expected, and valued as a stamp of authenticity. They will increase the beauty and value of your property. Natural stone varies in color, tone, texture, density, pitting, veining and inclusions (spots). Random mineral deposits exist and will vary in color and size. These variations exist within the same quarry, changing vertically as well as horizontally within its deposits. It will often vary within a single stone block used to carve your order. Unlike granite and marble slabs, carved natural stone comes in large blocks and is typically not viewable before fabrication begins. The Buyer understands that Visionmakers has minimal control over these variables. Please remember that Buyer’s order is hand-crafted. It is a unique piece of art and is difficult to duplicate. Stone work is done primarily with chisels and power tools. It is not unusual to see small carving marks on the stone surface, and small inconsistencies in form and finish by the artisan. Buyer understands though Visionmakers makes significant efforts to ensure the best possible match to your order, the exact appearance of your stone will vary, and Visionmakers is not liable for these variations.


Visit for Visionmakers Warranty

Intellectual Property

  • All drawings and designs created by or for Visionmakers shall remain the property of Visionmakers and the Buyer shall have no ownership interest in or possessory rights to said drawings or designs. Visionmakers drawings and designs are proprietary and cannot be shared or given to any other entity.
  • Visionmakers and/or its designated agents shall have the right to take pictures of merchandise and to use said pictures for advertising, promotion and/or publication purposes

These terms supersede any other contracts or purchase orders associated with your order.